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Generative animation.

Interconnections is an installation occurring in two rooms simultaneously. There are two components—half of each appearing in each room.

XOR [Memory Conversation] is a feedback loop filtered by computer. It takes the familiar situation of a microphone placed in front of a speaker, but extends the loop over two networked rooms. Because of the actions of the computer, we don’t hear cringe-inducing squeals, but rather passing tones modeled after the timbre of bells.

A Dialog in Nowliving is a setup for a pair of participants, one in each room. The sounds of their breathing can be heard in each space, again processed by computer.

Finally, a third component, Community, is a generative program running on a computer and determining how the audio is processed. This program models a cellular automata-like environment in which little abstracted creatures interact by moving around pieces of information. Text near this display reads, “The community of interacting beings determines the shape and boundaries of your experience. The patterns generated by the community evolve over time, so returning is recommended.”

Pd sources:
Used to play the sound. These work with slightly modified versions of the Player and Caster from the nSLAM package by SAT

Visualization and code

Still Images

Released in 2006.