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Mathew Shanley, goodgood (Karen Stein & Ben Gaydos), Namita Dharia
We Will Imagine

The installation—comprised of multi—colored fluorescent tape woven into the A Street Fence near Melcher Street and covering the Summer Street Bridge over A Street—was on display from October 15th until November 20th, 2010.

We Will Imagine was meant to call attention to the creative force that exists in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. It was meant to remind everyone—artists, residents, passers-by—of their own agency in the world we live in; to remind them of their own power to effect change. This change starts with the possibility of seeing what is and what could be.

This work was a dialogue. A question called out from one side is answered by the other. But we hoped that there is another level of dialog as well. We were thinking deeply about our neighborhood and community, and hope that this display invokes discussion amongst viewers on these issues.

One could approach the two parts of the installation from several different directions along A Street, because it was both on the bridge as well as the fence, but was best viewed approaching the bridge coming from Broadway towards the Fort Point. The intention was that Part I and Part II of the installation would work separately, but are best read together as a question and answer: “Who will imagine the future of all this? We will imagine.”

Because of the bright fluorescent materials used, the piece was visible both during the day and at night. Particularly with the installation on the fence—because the material is transparent—the installation had a luminescent quality as the sun shone through. As night fell, because of the fluorescence, the colors were magical. In large part, the work was material color. The brightness of the tape enlivened the urban surface. The material of the site led directly to the form of the installation. The shape of the letter forms woven into the A Street fence are defined by the pattern of chain link.

Still Images

Released in 2010.